Another random blog…

by jlolb

This is not my first experience with a blog. I have a different blog; it’s just that I find some of the things that rustle through my mind are not necessarily appropriate for the other blog I have. What was my solution, you ask? Maybe I decided to continue to stifle those thoughts–to shove them back into a deep black crevice in my brain? Maybe I said them out loud so they went away, or put them in a bubble and blew them off into the universe? Maybe I decided to change my attitude and allow my cynicism to disappear as the steam does after a shower?

Heavens no. The only logical explanation I could come up with was to start another blog. A blog where I could post whatever came to my mind–pessimistic, cynical, hopeful, inappropriate, whatever! You’re wondering what might have struck this transformation, perhaps? Well, it’s been on my mind for a while. Then, this week, while at work, I came up with an idea of a question to post on my blog…you see, a while ago I had a pretty traumatic mishap with a box of dark brown hair dye and accidentally died my hair basically pitch black (I only tell you this because I think humility is important) and from then on, two of the guys in the office (and sometimes SC) heckled me continuously about being goth. I’m not really goth, I mean, I like black clothes and sometimes I wear black fingernail polish, but I don’t own black lipstick or anything like that. Well, the hair has come a little closer to normal, however, I haven’t gotten rid of any of my black clothes–I like them too much. Anyway, the other day I wore a black turtleneck and black pants–with a pinstripe. I was wondering if the pinstripe in the black pants made my outfit look any less black? I thought I’d blog about it, but then decided that the function of the other blog is not to make people wonder whether I am actually goth. It was at that point that I decided I must have a separate blog. With this new blog, I really don’t care–wonder away.

So, dear reader, whether you’ve followed me from my previous blog, or are getting your first taste of my literary candy, read your heart out. I’ll be back frequently.