Snow morning

by jlolb

It’s a snow morning. I remember a little thing called snow days, where you got the whole day. I remember having them in high school, but in college, as I went to school on a residential campus, they were virtually non-existent. Maybe twice in four years…maybe. Anyway, today, after this lovely ice storm, I have a snow morning. No work til ten.

This should be exciting for me, right? I should be in bed catching up on lost sleep, dreaming away about Ryan Gosling or Chris Noth or Taye Diggs

I’m not. I’m watching GMA becoming depressed about the economic situation of this country and listening to my stomach growl. As I was on my way out of the door this morning I realized I forgot my scarf–ran back upstairs to get it, and received the text message–10 am start! Wahooo!

Okay, GMA just got happier–a nice little line of ppl at a Starbucks bought coffee for the car behind them. It lasted two hours. I think that’s sweet.

Anyway, ice storm. I changed back into sweats and went to the cupboard to see what I would be eating as I am now iced in. I have a can of chicken noodle soup, a few Cheezits, a can of fruit, and a half a bottle of wine. Hmm…looks like a pretty exciting day in (if it turns into a day rather than just a morning–fingers crossed!!).

Drive safe if you decide to…