by jlolb

I’m not big on routine in a lot of aspects of my life. The one area that I am 98% okay with being in a routine for: my TV shows. There are a select few on the list of those it literally pains me to miss, and that list includes: Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, and Notes from the Underbelly. I don’t have to tell many people, either, about my roommates and my life changing addiction to Sex and the City. Some people like to shoot up to relieve the stress of a long day–me, well, I like to pop in a DVD of my four favorite women and float away on the sarcasm and quick wit.

I think I enjoy these shows most of all because none of them portray perfection. Sometimes they’re a little dark, dysfunctional, sarcastic, witty, honest, and mostly, real. People die, hearts break, friends betray. I mean, let’s be honest–that’s life. That happens. Life is not made up of daisies and roses and dark chocolate…but it would be kind of sweet if it were!

Anyway, there is one quote from Grey’s that I particularly like. The last five minutes of that show are my favorite because that’s the point at which Meredith comes back into the picture and says something so deep that everyone’s story is caught back up–their loose ends are tied, and the things she says just so happen to relate to the story line of every character in the hospital–that happens in my life, too. At 4:25 every day, that little voice comes into my head and wraps it all up for me, yep, that happens–no, I’m not schizophrenic.

So, the quote I was thinking of is this : “You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, they were so close you could taste them, but eventually you grow up, one day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is its hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true.”

I think it’s true. I might be kind of cynical; I might not have a lot of faith in a lot of things, but I do know that there is at least a little spark of hope in there for something out of my childish imagination. Realistically, do I think it will actually happen? Probably not, but I think Meredith is on to something when she talks about turning to people we can trust. I have the coolest friends, and I know that (don’t tell them–that will spoil the hatred they think I hold for them), and my family is actually pretty neat.

The thing is, at the end of the day, although there’s no Prince Charming or Santa (hopefully I didn’t spoil that belief for anyone!!!) I can’t help but be thankful for the things I do have in my life. Maybe it’s the Christmas season, but this blog is a little sentimental for my liking. Psssh. It wont happen again.