Heading out…

by jlolb

So, I’m going to both of my parents houses for several days over the holidays, and last night as I was packing and 3 glasses deep into a bottle of wine, I realized that it’s nearly impossible to know what you are going to FEEL like wearing days from now.

After I sat there putting together outfits and stacking them in separate piles on the floor, I became frustrated—what if I don’t want to wear THAT green shirt (all my shirts are green it seems) with THOSE jeans?? I ended up reverting to my college ways, and throwing my favorite shoes, shirts and pants in a suitcase and putting the overflowing laundry basket in the backseat of my car. I figure if it’s in the laundry I’ve worn it recently, so I probably like whatever is in there. Plus, if I ask nicely, my mom might wash those clothes for me. That’s settled.

On another note, it’s casual day at work today—no one is going to be there because it’s the day before break and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up talking to myself or twitching from the lack of human contact. We also get off at three, so after that I can head back to my place, grab the things I forgot, and head on out for this lovely three and a half hour drive. The whole family will be there tonight though, so it won’t be too bad. With any luck my mom will have bought a bottle of tequila and my brother in law will end up passed out on the bathroom floor (I’m not saying that’s ever happened, I’m just saying).

Little Emerson will be there too—I’m including her most recent picture for the holidays so you all can see how friggen’ cute she is! … I KNOW!

In case I’m not back here before (even though I likely will be), MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!