Drinking Lunches

by jlolb

One of the great things about a holiday break from work is actually a very simple pleasure in my world: drinking lunches. See, when I am at work, we go out for Mexican at least once a week. It’s a pretty great time for us to get out of work and hang out as a group in the middle of the day while gorging ourselves on burritos and chips and salsa. Heaven. One thing missing from our gatherings, though, is margaritas! And no one loves a frozen strawberry margarita more than this girl…

So, when my mom, sister and I went to our favorite Mexican establishment in my hometown for lunch, mom asked, “Are we having a drinking lunch?” My response–duh! After some pink goodness the conversation with my little sister about her college planning steps (or non-steps) was much more bearable.

And, now that I’ve finished my red rita and lunch #2 (to those of you who are familiar with my #2 at La Casa, it’s the same here at Monterreys–weird huh?), and had to eat the whole thing myself because B$ (better???) wasn’t here to split it, I’m a little bit fatter and back on the couch where I will probably remain for the next ten or eleven hours–with a little laundry and packing mixed in there.

I’m thinking I’ll head back toward the metro area tomorrow and have a few days to just hang out before I have to head back to work. With all the running and going and visiting and shopping and people involved with the holidays, it doesn’t seem like you actually get a chance to relax until it’s all over. I have to be grateful for an employer who gives us a very generous holiday break (even though I actually kinda sorta miss my friends from work, but don’t tell them that, I don’t want them thinking I’m a big softie!!). 🙂

Hope your holidays are lovely!

I would also like to give a shout out to all my friends, family, and other readers to say thanks for stopping by–especially the mysterious GB for following and commenting! 🙂