Caucus day in Iowa!

by jlolb

Many people throughout the nation wouldn’t necessarily think of Iowa as the most exciting place to live. And, some days, I would agree with them. But, I do feel that there are obvious exceptions to those Iowa’s-one-of-the-most-boring-states-in-the-nation attitudes. Today would be one of those exceptions. Why, you ask?? It’s caucus day in Iowa!!! We are the first state to caucus, and so we get a lot of media attention–for example, I watched most of the crew from ABCs Good Morning America at places I know in Des Moines this morning. Celebrities have flooded our streets. We’re a pretty big deal in the world of politics, and I am stupidly excited about seeing how today turns out!

I think we have a lot of great candidates running. Many have different positive plans as far as changing the current run that our country is on. In different aspects of the political platform, I found out very quickly which candidates I absolutely could not stand, and those whom I gave a little more thought! I could see myself supporting several of the different democratic candidates–but, when it came down to it, and I had to look at them holistically, I found that rather than caucusing for three of them, I could only choose one.

The thing is, I realize that there is a lot of horrible crap going on in the rest of the world. That’s really no secret to anyone. We Americans, and, today, especially Iowans have to be grateful that we live in a country where we can make those decisions freely–the least we can do is get involved in the political system. It’s open to us–we can think what we want–we can support who we want. I think we are in need of a real change–and I think there’s one out there who can provide that more than the others.

Even though it’s cold, I hope you all grab your coats and get out tonight. We’re Iowans, we can handle the weather. Caucusing is exciting, no matter who you decide to stand with–I know who’s getting my vote! You don’t agree with me? Go out tonight and prove it.