I’m back!

by jlolb

Don’t worry–seriously, quit worrying. The wait is over. I’m back…sort of. I have to apologize for my recent hiatus from the blogosphere–I know many of you have been waiting anxiously! Part of the neglect stems from being busy, and the other has to do with the dullness that has overcome my very existence.

This weekend, though, was actually quite fun. Emerson was baptized, and my sister and BIL asked me to be her godmother–a request that I was thrilled to accept. If sister gets around to posting some pictures, I’ll be sure to add them on here! Anyway, I headed to my sister’s on Friday night and some of the family was already there. We left Em home with her grandma and we headed out for dinner and drinks. It was a pretty great time.

Saturday was spent being lazy and waiting for everyone else to show up before the baptism on Saturday evening. The house got quite full by the end of Saturday–there were probably 15 or 17 people at the house. Granted, their house is a pretty decent size–but by the end of the evening one was tripping over people to get around. My mom made some great lasagna, and we had (and spilled) some wine, played some Phase 10, and had a jolly old time.

I just got home and made some dinner after the four trips I made upstairs with all the stuff that I managed to bring home from my sister’s. There was a dude out in his car waiting to pick up his daughter and I am pretty sure he found watching me carry a vacuum, suitcase, hanging clothes, and a pillow up three flights quite comical.

I am now watching one of the best movies of all time–Before Sunset. If you haven’t seen Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, you, my dear chick flick loving friend, are so missing out. Watch Before Sunrise first. This is the real stuff, I mean, real make me feel like putty and scrape me off the floor good passionate amazing stuff. Fate, destiny, comedy, the whole bit–without being way cheesy. You have to see it.

So, I realize that you are probably a little disappointed by the blaze (I don’t know how to find the right e) nature of this blog, and for that I am very sorry. Rest assured, I will be back in fine form within the next few days.