Tae Bo, Tae Bo, it’s off to hurt we go…

by jlolb

We (my coworkers and I) decided that teamwork was an easier way to go about our attempt at getting fit. Well, I mean, teamwork along with a pool of money that goes to the winner–Biggest Loser style, except we call it the CHUB Club (which translates into College Hall Uber Bodies)…Anyway, out of all of this comes our twice weekly workout session after work. It’s either Biggest Loser on DVD or Advanced Tae Bo…and who doesn’t want want to watch Billy Blanks get all sweaty in that nasty unitard? Sick.

Anyway, I’m standing in the middle of the room finaggling with my tennis shoe that has somehow got caught up on something in my bag, and I hear my friend B$ say, “how do you get this thing open?”

At this point I am not sure what B$ is struggling with, so I jerk the tennis shoe out of the bag and head towards the media machine in the classroom we steal for our workout.

As I assess the situation, I say, “What do you mean, get it open?”

To which she says, “I push eject and it doesn’t open.”

“Why do you need to get it open?”

To put this in!!!!!” She says, while looking at me with that you’re-so-ridiculously-stupid-I-would-rather-slap-you-than-continue-this-conversation look and shaking the Tae Bo in my face.

“Dude, B$, it’s a VHS, just push it in….???”
At which point I decided that B$ is getting way too advanced as far as technology goes, which is probably not her fault, but that of her wickedly savvy nerd husband (dude’s got skills–computer hacking skills, nunchuck skills…), but really, to forget how to work a VCR???

Love you B! 🙂