Funky, funky—and not in the good way.

by jlolb

Well, we’re all in a funk. F-U-N-K, FUNK. Everyone seems to be in a funk. It seems to me that we’re all feeling pretty grey–no one gets really excited about anything, there’s quite a bit of snapping going on, and at work, if you sneak up on a person in their office you’ll likely find them with their head in a drawer full of chocolate listening to extremely depressing music muttering to themselves. Personally, I’m finding myself to be very irritable. The wrong music plays and I’m complaining about it to myself in my head. People start offering unsolicited advice and I visualize punching them. I get ignored for no reason and decide to play right back, which is very unlike me. I eat much more chocolate than normal (no this is not PMS). Grammatical errors push me over the edge. Mostly, I want to go in my office and shut the door. I’m in a funk. And, the way it sounds, this funk is going to last at least a few more months–like til summer. We’ll all be barrels of fun to be around by then. Beth will start having to wear a sign that says, “Don’t get too close to the animal, she bites (and I’m not talking figuratively).” It’s like that. We’ll have to lock her in an attic, like Mr. Rochester’s wife, or that other woman in the yellow room…I enjoy her company–I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Seriously, we’re all in the kind of funk that leaves everyone feeling as though their head might explode. And, as Dr. Cox says, if our heads explode, we’ll look ridiculous. (Watch Scrubs.) Which leaves me thinking we should probably do something to alleviate the pressure that is intruding on the red mushy mess of our brains. I know some people take to working out, talking to their therapist, yoga, etc. to relieve stress. Not me, nope– I believe in very large glasses of wine. Truly. I think a large glass of dark red wonderful liquid can cure a bad day. Drink up, and drink one more if neccesary, let your cheeks warm up, and go to bed. It doesn’t really get much better.

*Please note: I’m not ready to be on an episode of Intervention quite yet–in fact, since I started the 100 day challenge I stopped drinking during the week completely, but let’s just say that today validates my choice to take a lil’ sip out of the ole’ bottle. I’ll be honest, though…I do enjoy that show. Mainly because it makes me realize how much worse life could actually be. And, frankly, it’s one of the few shows I can finish watching and turn to the person next to me and say, “Phew, at least I’m not that effed up!” Always looking at the bright side…yep, that’s me.