Flippin’ Grumpy

by jlolb

Let’s just be honest here. I’m flippin’ grumpy. There are several reasons–let me just tell you about a few of them…

One: whomever our landlord has hired to scoop the driveway does a sub-standard job and I was still up to my knees in snow when I got out of my car. Angry. And in heels. It’s blowing like crazy out there anyway, must we really be subjected to trudging though the snow in work clothes and heels? Come on people!

Two: The chocolate candy bar that was intended as an officewide pick-me-up isn’t much of a pick-me-up when the giver continues to blatantly ignore you. In fact, that turns the pick-me-up into a pull-me-down, which then takes a seemingly nice gesture and turns it into the complete opposite. Hate me if you must–but. please. stop. with the wishy-washy-ness!?

Three: Iowa Student Loan Corporation is sucking the life right out of me and my checkbook. I’m sorry, but never again can I go out for dinner, drinks, etc. I can never go see a movie at the theatre, buy a new pair of shoes, and still can’t afford cable. Good thing I have wool socks so we can keep the heat down. I don’t mind the taste of Ramen Noodles, thank goodness. I never wanted to have a social life anyway. I’m going to start selling my plasma.

Four: The one outlet I do have to take care of my pent up rage and anger was stricken from my schedule–kickboxing. Oh kickboxing, how I love thee. You, my one true thing. You are always there when you say you will be and push me past my limits. You force me to move for 45 minutes kicking and punching and imagining people’s faces in those vinyl bags. Afterwards I am left sweaty, tired, and, strangely, emotionally re-balanced.

Five: I’m out of red wine.

On the other hand, I’m not out of beer. Although drinking it does break my “no drinking during the week rule,” sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Also on the other hand, there is plenty of Sex and the City on DVD to last through the evening, and even though Mr. Big is the perfect jackass, I LOVE him (although not as much as Steve). And, even though there’s probably enough cynicism right *here* to go around (twice), watching Miranda bask in her bitchy glory, somehow, makes me really happy. I think she and I are one in the same