My dream job…

by jlolb

…is to be a commercial critic. I’m a commercial junkie. I don’t often flip on commercials, and it’s one of my cheap thrills in life when a good commercial comes on. Additionally, it’s one of life’s simple dissapointments when the commercial is absolutely no good.

So, as I sit here watching American Idol, I’ve decided to let you all in on my latest favorite commercials.

* “What the French, toast?”–you know, the Orbit gum commercial with the three people who get into this huge fight, but they all have such clean mouths that rather than saying your usual degrading phrases, they use things like lint licker, hoboken, etc. It’s stinkin’ funny.

* “That will be 63 dollars.” “You mean, I have to pay for flowers someone sent me? That doesn’t seem fair.” “You know what’s not fair, athsma. I’m a good runner.” It’s a cell phone commercial–Sprint, or Cingular—either way, good stuff!!

* The ATT commercial with the guy on the phone leaving a message for his date from the night before, and he’s apologizing for the sweat issue and explains his extra sweat gland in his left armpit…

* The Lowe’s commercial where the couple just bought carpet and are explaining it all excitedly, but it turns out they are just talking to the teller at the theatre and she doesn’t give a damn. It’s great.

The one that is annoying me the most right now is the US Cellular Valentine’s Day commercial where they’re babytalking to each other about phones…sick.

Seriously, if we are stuck with like 20 minutes of commercials every hour, they might as well be good. And we might as well enjoy them! My roommate Danielle and I, however, LOVE them!!

For the record, all of these can be found on YouTube, and I suggest you look them up.