I don’t think…

by jlolb

I dont think:

*Paula Abdul should use the word “dope” nor should Kara use the word “hip.” Ever. I’m just saying. 🙂

*people should underestimate the power of the full moon.

*winter should be as cold as it was today (wind chill of negative 28).

*it should be this confusing–because in our very small spot in the world, our problems seem trivial–why in our lives do they seem so large?

*it’s easy to see how lucky we are!

*I would be the well adjusted (ha!), and halfway normal person that I am without my friends (you all rock!) and family (epecially my older sis).

*I’ll ever get rid of my nomadic instincts.

*anyone should settle for anything less than butterfliesyes, I take some life advice from Carrie Bradshaw–who doesn’t?

*I’ll ever be content.

*I will ever turn down sweets.

*I’ll ever get drunk without busting out a British accent.

*anything compares to weekends with friends! 🙂

*cheese tastes good. Ewe.

*I’ll ever justify my thoughts in my writing. I wish I could.

*anyone will match the cuteness of my niece (and goddaughter) Emerson.

*I’ll ever get over missing you.

*unsolicited advice should offend anyone–you should be pleased that people want to help.

*a soundtrack will ever beat RENT.

*anyone is ever good enough for my friends.

*anything beats a good bottle of red wine.