My one true thing…

by jlolb

Travel season starts again tomorrow. I am supposed to be driving about 2 and a half hours after work tomorrow night, but it looks like we are getting yet another nasty snow storm. Supposedly, we are to expect 3 to 6 inches, and the town I am supposed to end up in is forecasted to get 6-8. It could be interesting. And by interesting, what I really mean is that I’ll be pissed if I have to cancel and reschedule these appointments–as if it wasn’t enough of a pain to schedule them in the first place. Ef you snow, ef you.

That being said, I am actually sort of looking forward to travelling. Last fall I was quite apprehensive before I started travelling–I was the newbie (still am) but at that point I had no idea what town was what and where on earth I was headed. The second time around, now, I feel like a seasoned pro. Okay, not really. But I do enjoy the time away from the office. I work with some great friends, and enjoy spending time with them, but day after day after day in the office doing the same thing gets kindof old. Hopping in the car and heading out on the lonesome highway is a welcome vacation (you should, however, note the word lonesome).

Travel season, you see, is my relationship–my significant other, my partner. I do look forward to hopping into Eugene, my Malibu Maxx, and spending thousands of miles out and about in the vast Iowan countryside. I look forward to spending some quality time with my cd player, as well as that stack of novels I have yet to have a chance to read. I spend many a meal sitting at a table looking across it to see nothing other than dear travel season. In the evenings, in my hotel room or in the hot tub, again, travel season is my constant companion–my one true thing.

However, as with all relationships, I will likely get frustrated and pick a fight here and there. Which is where you, my dear friends, come in to play. I can assure you that at some point during this lovely season, you’ll find me bored out of my mind–looking for any excuse to give you a call or start a texting conversation. I beg of you–respond! πŸ™‚

P.S. to E and GB, I just want to let you know that there were no martinis drunk by this girl today! πŸ™‚