Loathe you.

by jlolb

Well, TS and I are back on. I know. You’re like the girls at the coffee shop watching another inevitable disaster start with Carrie and Big. I know. But come on, the heart does what it wants and love lands where it lands, and after the break we had last week, I decided I missed him a little bit. Then, after spending the weekend away from him in Minneapolis (amazing concert, by the way–amazing!), I decided it was time to bring him back on board for a while. I mean, I think I love him… It’s Monday, and I’m not sure how wise a decision this was.

TS makes me feel extremely chaotic. First of all–he’s a terrible driver. Here’s proof–me, in the car, he’s driving, and I’m going insane–fearful for my life. We did make it safely, however. We just got here last night, and already there are shoes, water bottles, clothes, bran flakes, and paperwork scattered all through this room. For once I’d like to walk from the bed to the desk without tripping over a power cord. I mean, really, is it that hard for them to pick up after themselves?

It wasn’t all bad, I suppose…well, maybe….I mean…. We’re staying in this dive hotel that has no fitness center. They do, however, give you a free pass to the local gym. TS and I decided that would be a good afternoon activity. So, I hopped on the treadmill and started to run–thankfully, for the first time in weeks, my joints didn’t hurt. I had a good run. At one point, I looked over at TS pretending to ride the stationary bike–but he wasn’t really doing anything…just sitting there, watching the History channel. Instantly, I was pissed. Do you know why? Of course you do–he has better metabolism than I, and he doesn’t have to worry about the size of his ever expanding ass from all the road food he’s been eating. Oh, no. The iced coffees, french fries, potato chips, chocolate, doughnuts, soda, ice cream, and Heath bars don’t go to his ass–nowhere near it, in fact. He just keeps eating and looks even hotter, whereas I’m thinking about bathing suit season. I was, and continue to be, resentful.

And, now, as the day winds down, I found myself lying in bed looking to snuggle up next to him…and I found binders. My bed is covered in binders, pens, paperwork, cell phones, binder clips–come on TS. Get with it.

After he cleaned up his act, he scooched over to cuddle me up and whispered in my ear, “Love you J.” And I whispered back, “Loathe you, too, TS.” Oh, TS…How I love to loathe you.