Rationally Irrational

by jlolb

I make irrational decisions. It’s not something that surprises anyone–ever.

I cut my hair.
I buy shoes.
I dye my hair black on accident.

I order the medium concrete mixer with extra Heath bar at Culvers instead of the small.

I say yes to a 4th beer when I should have stopped at 3.

I spend entirely too much money buying clothes–especially when Autumn and my mom are around.

I wash my car before it storms.
I go out to lunch even when I know it’s a bad idea–that’s one thing I cannot refuse.
But the ONE thing I struggle with MOST: TARGET. I cannot leave this store without spending money on things I do not need. Things like file folders, desk organizers, bedding, living room furniture, bookshelves, shoes, t-shirts, purses, books, candy, anything from the dollar spot…you know, anything.

Target is my holy place–the place I go to feel calm, worthy, good. So when I have two hours between appointments, as I did today, where did I go? Target. To make irrational purchases (that I later returned) and bask in all the glory that this store is. It smells good, looks good, makes me feel good, and all in all, is good.

And in the grand scheme of things, if you make the purchase and then realize it was irrational and return it, how irrational was it if you made sense of it in the end? I feel like that’s why they streamlined the return policy–just give them the receipt, they scan it, and that money is right back on your debit card. They did that for people like me, so I could go and take in the Targettish glory and not break the bank. For that, I feel I need to say thank you Target Corporation, thank you.