Consequence Free

by jlolb

I was reading Sara Jane’s blog, and ran across her post called ‘Consequence Free.’ I was inspired to think about the things I would do if there were no consequences, and although some of mine are the same as hers, I am going to recreate the list for myself in this blog (you should head her way to check hers out, too!).

I want to live overseas–anywhere, London, Thailand, Australia, Prague–I don’t care where, but while I am gone I don’t want to miss a second of what my little niece Emerson is learning to do!

Scratch that. I actually want to live my life as a backpacker–staying in new places every couple of nights…hitching rides on trains…sleeping in different hotels…eating the local cuisine…meeting the locals…and of course, not pay a penny for it! 🙂

I want to drive fast at all times and never get a ticket.

I want to eat all the bread and pasta (and drink all the beer) one can put in front of my face, and never have to worry about my pants fitting!

I want to tell you I know your secret.

I want to sleep until I wake up in the morning without an alarm–and never be late to work!

I want to go hole up in a little country cabin in the northwest and write a novel.

I want to speak my mind–to say what I am feeling at all times.
I want to love freely.

I want to go to graduate school–without the stress of bills and loans and rent and all the rest hanging over my head.

I want to dive in headfirst and hope for the best–while refusing to acknowledge my doubts.

What would you do?