by jlolb

Today I am 23. It’s true. It’s my birthday. And I want to fill you all in on just how glamorously I am spending this day, the day marking the anniversary of my birth.

To start, I woke up late. So, I rushed through a shower, and getting ready, thus look like crap. Waking up late on the road means no time for mapquesting directions–good thing I’ve got a decent sense of direction. After I put some cereal from the hotel lobby into my bowl and check out, I am high tailing it to my car. I hit the door to the exit and am shocked into stillness as I look outside to find it’s effing snowing. Are you kidding me? And not just simple little flurries–but actual snow. Actual snow after days and days of 50 degree weather. I picture mother nature looking down on my dejected and forlorn face, throwing her head back and cackling, “bwhahahahahhahaha peon, bwhahahaha!”

To make it even better, I am currently wasting a couple of hours between appointments. Typically I would just go to the nearest coffee shop, grab a tall coffee frap light and cruise the internet til my heart is content. Today, I went to the local Starbucks. Only to find that they have no wireless internet. Are you effing kidding me? Isn’t this a coffee shop? A place where people bring their computers to “work” and drink caffeine? Have I missed something?

So, I sit there on my computer writing nonsense in a word document, slurp down my frap, and hit the road. By now you’re probably wondering, if there’s no internet, how is she writing this? Well, dear reader, she is so bored that she’s sitting in a parking lot jacking wifi off someone watching the snow fall in humongous flakes on all sides of her–while listening to some Frou Frou…so all in all, it’s not that bad. But, did I mention it’s snowing? Welcome to Iowa.

So, there you have it. Looking on the bright side, after about 300 more miles of driving today, I will find myself waking up extremely early tomorrow morning to hop a flight to DC and spend three days on a mini-vacation! Yay for taking a little trip!