A Different Kind

by jlolb

Well, D.C. was a blast. We were blessed with beautiful weather, great sites, good food, strong beer, and best of all, cherry blossoms. Friday was spent walking miles and miles around the mall and taking in the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin–it was a gorgeous day. A fresh reminder of springtime, and in it there was a warmth I had missed this long winter. It was sunny, the sky was blue, and for the first time I was seeing these amazing monuments I had heard so much about.

Saturday was much of the same–we went to the Eastern Market, Library of Congress, and National Portrait Gallery. We went out to some of the bars in Adams Morgan Saturday night and it was a blast!

Sunday I went to the Holocaust Museum which took up most of the day. We were moving a little slowly on Saturday morning so by the time I got there it was nearly 11:30–we spent several hours there and it basically took the day–what a moving experience. After that we were on the metro on our way back to the airport to head back to the midwest. What a weekend. It went quickly, but I saw a ton–it was great!

Sometimes I forget that places like D.C. exist here in the states. I drive all over Iowa, and I take in all that is here, but the beauty of this space that I am in every day is sometimes hard for me to remember. I think I fall into watching the same thing day after day–the landscape becomes boring to me. Then I take off to a place like D.C. and experience something equally as beautiful–but very very different. It only heightened my desire to, someday, move on out–to see something else and experience a different kind of beautiful.