by jlolb

Today on my way into work I realized how antisocial I actually am. I spotted a person I would usually strike up a conversation with across the parking lot as they were leaving their car and heading into their building. I had my hands full, I have a cold so my nose was running and my head felt like it was floating and there was nowhere to go. What did I do? I skulked. I skulked between a minivan and a pickup truck and pretended to be checking myself out in the reflection on the window (because that’s normal), which could have come off as extremely creepy to the random passersby. Literally, I stopped. In between a bunch of cars. Avoiding said person. Why?

Because I’m an anti-social bitch lately, that’s why. It may have something to do with all the talking I’m doing at work with these people that I need to answer my simple questions. It may have something to do with the ridiculous cold/sore throat/floating head/crappy feeling/runniness I have going on. It may have something to do with the fact that I can’t catch up on sleep. The point is, I covet my quiet time. I don’t want to talk. Especially to that person in the parking lot this morning.

So here I sit, guzzling liquids because all of the “moms” in the office tell me that’s the best way to get healthy. I even decided against the 32 oz. of soda this morning and settled with green tea and water. I’m sweating with that nasty sweat you only get when you have a cold, and my insides feel like they are boiling. I feel like a walking germ. And everyone around me loves it (and by loves it, I mean, they are walking around with Germ-X and spraying down everything I touch with Lysol). It’s lovely.