by jlolb

Last night, I slept for 13 hours. Over half a day. I would like to blame the head-cold/sinus infection/Tylenol PM, and not blame this on sheer and utter laziness. The point is, I am so sick of being sick I could just scream. I’m “stuffed up, puffy, watery eyes, runny nose, hacking up a lung” girl. It’s hot. For once, I want to wake up and be able to breathe out of my nose and not cry at the thought of swallowing. It would also be nice if my brain felt a little less like it was ricocheting off the walls of my brain in some totally screwed up pin-ball fashion.

This week, in desperation, I listened to the advice of this guy who works in my office. He’s older. I don’t know how old because I am bad at guessing ages. But, he’s got kids around my age, so he’s used to offering advice. Anyway, for the last 7 months he’s been trying to convince me to buy a Neti-pot. Because if I am not complaining about being sick, I am complaining about my allergies and not being able to breathe. Anyway, the other night, I strolled to the corner Walgreens and bought myself a Neti-pot.

Now, there is one episode of Sex and the City where the girls talk about what things you absolutely would not do in front of a significant other. I would like to add Neti-pot-ing to the universal list. This is the most awkward contraption. You stand over the sink, take this little pot (it looks like a miniature watering pot), fill it with warm water, add saline mix, put up to right nostril, breathe out of mouth, and tip your head. You then wait for the water to flush through your sinuses, and then whatever it picks up on it’s way through falls out of your left nostril. Repeat on the left side, and done.

You can almost imagine how HOT Neti-pot-ing makes me feel…

However, it does work so I would recommend using it, however if you do decide to make sure you lock the door because it really is the most awkward thing you’ve ever done and you don’t want to be startled into swallowing the solution because at that point it would burn your sinuses and make your eyes water. Hot.