Punk Face

by jlolb

So, my little sister is kind of a punk. Let me get the disclaimer out of the way–she’s my sister and I love her and she’s great and she’s smart, and she has a kind heart. Period.

That being said–let’s get real honest here. She’s an 18 year old punk. She’s dated this guy on and off who in no way is good enough for her–he treats her like crap much of the time, disrespects her, makes her appear needy and self conscious–he’s just not good for her–especially not for her future. She doesn’t give herself enough credit, and she sells herself short.

That’s me, in my long haired glory (it’s short now), and C. This pic was taken the night before my graduation…anyway, she’s got talent. She’s artistic–she takes great photographs, is a good cook, and likes kids (ewe). She’s a trendy dresser, listens to decent music, and much of the time, she’ll do a favor for you (there are, I might add, a hearty list of exceptions). When she’s in a good mood, she’s really glad to talk to you–when she’s not, you best hope you decided not to call.

Anyway, she’s coming to visit tomorrow. She’s a senior this year, and she and her friend are coming into town to go on a college visit–YAY college! They’re staying at my place, and I’ve been trying to get her excited about college for two years now, and though I think I have about killed myself in doing so, she’s finally coming down.

She used to have no interest in it. At all. It was a subject that could start a family war at any function. She’d likely get mad if it was brought up and briskly leave the table while throwing a big temper tantrum in the meantime, while screaming “I’m NOT going to college” which translated into, “I’m not leaving the BF! Take pity!” She wanted to stay close to that boy. She didn’t want to leave her comfort zone–and the world she’s known her whole young life.

That being said, I have her in my realm for about 14 short hours, and I’ve talked until I’m blue in the face trying to give her life advice and tell her that she really does need to leave the hometown and the now ex-bf to get out there and get some real world experience, and I think I am about 85 percent there–but I have nothing else to say. There is nothing else I can say about academic programs, and dorm life, and student activities, and traveling abroad, and growing as a human being that I haven’t said before.

So I ask you, dear reader, what advice would you offer to the youngin–cus I’m out, and I still have 15 percent to go…