David Blaine

by jlolb

I just watched David Blaine hold his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds–under water. He was in a big fish bowl on Oprah and the whole time they taped it and watched the time. I need to know how this is actually physically possible. I mean, I don’t get it. And how does he come out of it normally? Like without any brain defects?

As I sat here on the couch, I tried to hold my breath. I think I lasted about 30 seconds. And I think I burned half my brain cells in the process.

This guy must be a total freak of nature–and I say that with all the admiration possible.

Next he wants to stay awake for a million seconds–which is just over 11 and a half days. He would then hold the world record for being awake the longest.

I feel like if you stayed awake for 11 days, you’d feel insane.

How do you become someone like David Blaine? At what point do you say, hey, I think I am going to try to hold my breath for 17 minutes or stay awake for 11 days? Hey–at least he has goals.