This s*^# is bananas

by jlolb

If any of you have an extra couple hundred dollars to spend, I’ve got just the thing for you to do with it. Go hang out with my sister.

I took Friday off and spent a couple of days over at her house babysitting my sweet little niece, Emerson. She’s 13 months old. Her mom and dad were at a track meet out of town, so my little Bug and I hung out and spent some good old quality time together. We went shopping, and out to lunch; we visited the park and shared a swing. We watched a couple movies she had been wanting to see, and we took a nice long nap. She’s a cool little kid, and try as I might, the word Jamie was not going to escape her lips. She’s more focused on things like puppy, mommy, daddy, uppy, no, cheese, what’s that– you know, the fundamental words of a toddler.

Anyway, my sister came back after the track meet. She came back and I was telling her about how when Emerson and I went shopping, the last store we went to was really the ONLY one I LOVE to shop in (Banana Republic). Emerson got pissed and threw a huge fit. So I missed my store. My sister was certain that we would find time to go back. And we did.

We always do.

And I always spend way too much money.

And I make irrational purchases.

And she talks me in to shoes I don’t need.

And shirts I could live without.

And sandals like the ones she let me borrow.

No, dear sister, I am not blaming you for my uncontrollable monetary spending when you are around. I’m not. Seriously. I’m just offering up your services to the blogosphere–to those women who have the extra cash burning a hole in their pockets. You could be a great help to them!

Let me know if you’d like to benefit from her services. I’ll put you in touch.