Your Mom

by jlolb

I’ve been absent for a couple of days, but never fear, I am back! I’ve been off at a conference for work in Madison, Wisconsin. Six of us from the office went, and let me tell you, it was interesting.

First of all, there were four women and two men. You can imagine they were a little out numbered as far as conversation went in the vehicle. We voted them to drive, so they took the front seats, and let us chat in the back. We were supposed to have a minivan, but they were out, so we were stuck in a Yukon with A. squished in the very back surrounded by all our luggage. Anyway, at one point, that Miley song came on–I’ve got my sight set on you…you know the one. So, S says, turn it up! And they do, but we realize that the speakers aren’t on in the back. S asks if they’ll turn them on in the back and why they weren’t on in the first place. One of the boys says, “if we turned them on back there, you’d just TALK LOUDER.”

The easiest way to irritate the hell out of a man, I’ve decided, is to stick him in a car full of women, friends at that, for six hours. They’ll be ready to eat their own ears so they don’t have to listen any longer.

Boys also talk with their eyes just as much if not more often than gals do. Every time we chicas would start a hysterically stupid conversation and the giggles would take off, the boys would give each other this look. The look that says, “OMG I am going to die if someone doesn’t shut these women up, aren’t they tired of talking to each other yet, and how can we drug them to get them to go to sleep?”

There were many good conversations that took place over the last several days, but my favorites would probably be the ones that don’t even make sense but you can’t stop laughing over. For instance, this week, the comeback of choice was “Your Mom.” (If you don’t know it, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can really explain it over this blog. I mean, Your Mom covers everything– Q:”where’d you get that t-shirt?” A:”Your Mom.” Q:”What time is it?” A:”Your Mom.” Q:”Who are you talking to?” A:”Your Mom.” Q:”What was that song called?” A:”Your Mom.” You get the picture.) Anyway, back to the conversation. So, we are in the car on the way home today, and S decides to drop the Tu Mama, rather than Your Mom. Yes. At the time, it was hysterical. You musta had to be there.

Anyway, I don’t think the boys were sad to see us go. In fact, I’d be willing to bet they both decide to take the day off tomorrow in an attempt to regain their sanity!

I just think girls have more fun.