If I didn’t do this…

by jlolb

So today I was thinking—what would I do if I didn’t do what I do? If there were no limits, money was not a concern nor a consideration, and I could follow the actual path that my heart and my head compromisingly agreed upon—rather than the one I have convinced them both to go along with…

What would I do?

I would write and I would travel. I would stock up on notebooks, and I would fly all over with nothing but a backpack. I would spend my down time in airports or train stations waiting for my next opportunity to walk down the jetway and board the way to my next destination. I would probably go to Africa and spend several weeks there, and then maybe I would head to India, and back to Italy, followed by a trip to Australia after which I would go back and spend more time in Thailand, followed with more time in Greece. I would write a book, and I would eat my way through each and every one of these countries. I would meet the locals, I would dance in the streets, and I would spend my time in big sunglasses while drinking coffee from little cafes. I would have no cell phone and I would check my email only a couple times a week—just to let people know I was alive!

I would open a winery in California.

I would go back to Thailand and spend a year working in the AIDS orphanage I visited for only a few hours. I would see if the baby I met three years ago had made it through, or if she, too, was taken.

I would let myself fall in love. (Preferably with a Scottish man with a fantastic accent–I’m willing to relocate.)

I would go to graduate school. If I was doing what I wanted to do I wouldn’t have to pick a focus which would make it that much easier to get there. I would probably combine a degree in Women’s Studies, Literature, International Relations and History. And in my ideal world, it would work. I wouldn’t have to choose. And I wouldn’t have to take the GRE to get accepted, either! J

I would adopt a baby. (Maybe, first, I would start with a dog.)

I would train to run a marathon. I would make that my full time job. And someone else would cook for me, and all the crap food I would have to eat to stay healthy and in shape would taste amazing. And beer would also be on the nutrition plan.

If I didn’t do this, I would do a lot of things…