"I do in high definition"

by jlolb

My mom bought a new tv. She didn’t really need it, but when I got here on Friday night, they were hauling in a 47″ flat screen hi-def television. I figured it was just your basic case of retail therapy–you know, the kind where you feel bad about something like moving from a lovely quaint little house to a small condo with virtually no storage and you need to spend loads of money to help you feel better? Yes, I thought this was one of those.

Anyway, BIL Clint goes straight to work mounting that heavy b on the wall. He is leveling and looking for studs. Acting like he knows what he is doing. He finally figures it out, we lift the tv onto the wall and secure it into place.

Since the tv has been hooked up he has become obsessed with shit tv. He’s been watching Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, the PGA, and NBA games–things, mind you, are totally out of his typical television preferences. Whatever I say, I’m heading to the pool–watch on.

So now, as my sister and I are getting engrossed into an episode of Ice Road Truckers on the History channel, Clint decides he must catch up on the NBA game. Clint, you must realize, honestly has no interest in basketball. We’re talking zero. Never before in my life has he wanted to watch basketball.

My sister calls him out on it. “You don’t care about the NBA and since when do you give two shits about Tiger Woods? You don’t care about this!”

To which he responds: “I do in high definition.”

Men. Seriously.