Take me out to the ballgame!

by jlolb

My sister and her husband are teachers. This means they don’t work during the summer. This means her favorite thing to do in the morning is call the office and say, “hey, what are you doing, oh, working? That’s too bad.” Sometimes, it makes me want to beat her senseless. She tans during the summer. She goes swimming, hangs out with her family, shops, does whatever she wants. And she still gets paid. I resent her for this. It’s starting to piss me off. (And she won’t be reading this, either, as her server has been flooded and she has no internet! Ha! I can bash her all I want) And yes, I do have to work. I work and work and work and make less than she does and she gets three months off. I’m bitter. I said it. However, we (my fellow office drones and I) still have a little bit of summer fun.

Tonight, the work friends are all getting together and going to the ballgame! Now, some of the people at the office are big fans of the Iowa Cubs. I’m just a fan of drinking beer outside when the weather is nice. I think I might have to relapse off the sabbattical to share a drink with my friends. In fact, I know this will happen. Don’t worry friends–I have a new mantra–moderation, moderation, moderation! So, in case you were worried, I won’t be dancing on top of the dugouts begging for free hotdogs. Phew.

And, if you live in a cave with no cable or internet and haven’t heard, our state is basically under water. The ball field is feet away from being flooded, but the game is still on! Yay! Our pregame spot, however, did not get so lucky.

The place, Buzzard Billy’s, has an outdoor patio–one of the best in DM, and the actual establishment is below street level. Well, the flood filled the place, and now, what used to be a kick-ass place where you could eat alligator is now a swimming hole. Check out the photos.
Rest in peace, dear Buzzard Billy’s, home of crappy beer night,…rest in peace.

Anyway, a little crink in the plans is not even close to as bad as life could have been or has been for a lot of the actual victims of these floods. If my blog wasn’t titled as it is, I wouldn’t be complaining about this at all–but that wouldn’t do the page much justice, would it? In the grand scheme of things, my friends and I are extremely lucky, and no, I won’t forget that.

Happy Tuesday!