This one’s for my girls…

by jlolb

I have good friends. And I want to talk about them.

This will likely take a little slice off of the normal path of cynical banter, but deal with it for a post, will ya…

They’re awesome. And it doesn’t matter what they’re doing—whether they’re cringing at the word ‘moist,’ being extremely patient and accepting of my musical tastes, cooking me dinner, feeding me chocolate, unpacking life’s ridiculous nuances with me, laughing at commercials until we cry, dreaming of what’s going to come next, listening patiently as I express my impatience, getting hyper and laughing like idiots, crying over deaths, crying over bad days, laughing from exhaustion, getting ice cream, drinking beer, scoping out boys, whining about boys, crying about boys, setting me up with boys, encouraging my sabbatical from boys, etc…it doesn’t matter—they’re awesome, through and through.

And it’s interesting to me to think about which stars aligned to lead me to these people and what steps we went through to become friends. What if I’d chosen a different college? What if I’d chosen a different job? What if my older sis’s and my teenage angst and annoyance with each other had lasted forever, instead of us becoming such great friends? What if I lost touch with my besties who’ve packed up and moved away? What would my life be like, and who would I be? What would be different about me?

I just feel really grateful to have such a great network of people that I KNOW, without a doubt, I can call when I am pissed at my life and need a little encouragement and help. I dunno—I think there’s something to be said about a close group of girls. If guys knew the inner workings, you can bet your arse, they’d be hella jealous.

And I’m not excluding my blog friends, either—because you guys are wicked cool, too. And I know I can always count on specific people to leave comments to get me back on track. I refer to you people on a daily basis as my “blog friends.” Those who don’t blog, well, they just don’t get it! J

So, I was thinking today about how sometimes, I might take these people for granted. That’s why I wanted to dedicate a little post here to my friends, my girls, my confidants—you guys rock my face off, and I love you all!

I couldn’t find a picture on my work comp of me and my sister–so here she is with Emerson!