Vacation! (sortof)

by jlolb

I don’t know if I have told you all yet, but I love summer. Seriously. It’s great. I love opening the windows and letting the air filter through the house drenching everything in the fresh air! I love sitting outside and reading a book, or lying by the pool dozing in and out. I love hanging out on the deck or sitting in a porch swing and eating loads and loads of ice cream. I love drinking margaritas, long walks on the beach, men that are tall dark and handsome—oh shit, this is starting to sound like a personal ad—where was I?

Oh, right, what I love about summer–well that nearly sums it up, so I suppose I should follow with what I DON’T love about summer: WORK. Especially when your older sister and BIL have slack jobs where they simply don’t work during the summer. And, since they have to pay for day care anyway they take baby half time at which point they can go out and drink their lunches–which is typically their favorite time to call me during the day. Simply to tell me that the place that they’re at has that Summer Shandy we like right on tap–it’s amazing, she says. Usually, this really gets me down and makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with my ballpoint pen, stick dull paperclips into my veins, jam my head repeatedly between desk drawers, quit my job and get my education certificate and teach history to children–which actually is pretty much my worst nightmare realize but at least I would have free summers to drink my lunches–this is how bad it gets!

This week, though, it’s a different story. I have some time off and I’m taking it. I’m vacationing to the sister’s house! BIL could about kill himself thinking about having me around for four days, but I am mighty excited. I can live their summer life for a while and see what it’s like to have absolutley no responsibilities for three months of the year (I can hear her now–child, dogs, grad classes, blah blah)! Wahooo!

So, that’s that, dear blogging friends. During my late week posts I will likely be pool side sipping on something frosty! Summertime and the living actually might be easy for a few days! 🙂