The Big Apple

by jlolb

Big things happened yesterday people! Big things! The best of the big things–me, spending an obscene amount of money on a plane ticket. From here to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am leaving in August to spend several fun filled days with my all time best friend in the city where she now lives!

I have never been to NYC but I am already convinced I will love it. I think NYC and I, we’re kindred spirits–soulmates, just waiting for fate to bring us together. And now, the time has come… Plus, it will be great to see my bestie after a really long stretch of time without setting eyes on her cute little face! We’ve been besties since pom-poms. Seriously.

Then we went through middle school—we were both pretty awkward. We grew out of it eventually (at least I think we did).

And high school. Oh, for the love of high school. I hated high school. Lauren loved it. It was weird. Mostly we drove around at night, looking for something to do, smoking cigarettes we had pawned off of someone who was old enough to buy them. Typically, we’d end up with a car full of people and if we weren’t en route to go drinkin‘ at a party, we were likely in a random cemetery or old abandoned building scaring the crap out of ourselves. We were country kids, through and through!

We had separate groups of friends for a while…but we always remained best friends. We vacationed together, had graduation parties together, basically lived together on the weekends–and during the week, really! She was the one that was there for me when our guy friends attacked me and put bbq sauce in my hair, and I was the one that I was there for her when Michael Salas broke her heart. (You know it’s true, Lauren.)

We went to college 12 hours away from each other. Took a really great roadtrip to Texas over spring break our sophomore year which was complete with ridiculous camp sites, townie bars that thought we were old enough to drink, Kenny Chesney for 20 hours straight, Shirley singing karaoke to Britney Spears, learning to two step, scorpions, running out of gas on a lonesome Texas road…it’s actually a miracle we lived through that trip. Otherwise we just waited for Christmas and summer breaks to get back in touch. We could go months without talking, but every single time we got back in touch it was exactly as it used to be. Just like nothing ever changed. (**This is a picture of us over Christmas break a couple of years ago, I think. I’m on the right, and Lauren is on the left! Another one of our good friends, Megan, is in the middle!**)
So, here’s to the impending trip to NYC and reuniting two besties!
Also: expect a post or two from the lake this weekend. Awkward family vacation part deux commences in less than 24 hours. Yikes!!!!!!!