by jlolb

I decided, this week, after a lot of consideration, that I was going to read the Twilight series. I had heard a ton about it and how it’s addictiveness is something comparable to the likes of Harry Potter. I can tell you, this is true.

For the last two days I have done nothing but read this book and work. At lunch, before work, and in all the hours after work before I go to bed, I was reading. You see, it’s one of those books that you absolutely cannot read with a critical eye—it’s fun, just have fun with it. Last night, I finished it and started the second. They are large books—5 to 600 pages, but they read quite quickly, especially if you devote your life and all your free time to getting through them (except for the two hours this week that you reserved for the latest episodes of Project Runway and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List)…

Anyway, I can see why people are crazy over it—especially the teenage audience it was intended for. I wouldn’t be surprised if dentists were getting millions of calls from teens asking for Dracula like teeth. One of my coworkers asked me if I was going to do that–the teeth thing. I told him I had thought about it, but I didn’t want to go through with it unless I was able to fill them with venom. His reply, “Oh, you have venom.” I think he was trying to offend me. If I had venom, he’d be the first to go. *Joking—but seriously*

Last night I dreamed I was in love with a vampire. It was odd. I think he bit me.

And, back to yesterday’s conversation about the hair—I think dark brown would be better for this vampiresque thing I am going through right now…

Odds are this stage will only last through the series, and the fourth book is coming out early next month, so maybe I will hold off on the darkest brown…

Plus, I am heeding Porter’s threat via Lauren very seriously—I don’t want to be sleeping on the streets during my visit to New York…the vampires will get you out there…on the other hand…the vampires will get you out there. And, if the NYC vampires are as hot as the picture of Edward Cullen that I have in my head, I’ll take my chances. Granted, Edward Cullen is only 17—I’d like my vampire to be legal, at least.