by jlolb

This morning I went shopping. In my closet. I was wearing my sassy yellow and black and white dress to work. I decided I needed to switch up my normal black slides for something a little sassier. I pulled out shoe after shoe after shoe, realizing that when I wear the same pair virtually every day, I forget about the things I already have. And, dang it, I have some cute shoes. And too many of them. I believe, like many other women, in the power of a cute shoe. Whether I am feeling bloated or my hair won’t do what I want it to, my feet are never too fat or too ugly to fit into the perfect shoe. I am sometimes just in too big of a hurry to think about them and go with the same shoe, day after day.

So, I am sitting there, thinking, “Self, you have good taste. Why don’t you wear these more often? How could you possibly forget about a shoe like this?”

Seriously, it was like going to the mall.

“I think I’ll take these!” — “Oh, wait, they’re already MINE! Bwhahahahaha!”

So, today, my sassy yellow dress is paired with a sassy black kitten heel—a kitten heel who is so happy to be seeing the summer sun for the first time this year—a kitten heel who, up until today, was drowning in the depths of despair contemplating shoe suicide at the back of my closet from months of neglect.

Some may call this ridiculous—to have shoes you forget about—maybe you should have less shoes (I can hear my dad in the back of my mind)—but, I think this is just a gal’s way of planting little accidental surprises—finding shoes, my dear friends, is serendipitous.

I believe it’s pure bliss to find something you forgot about. To discover 20 bucks in the jacket you haven’t worn for a year, or your favorite lip gloss tucked discretely into an old bag, or, of course, to find that little black heel you didn’t even realize you’d been desperately missing…