Random Friday

by jlolb

My random thought blog: Inspired by the one and only Sara Jane.

Friday: Thank the dear lord in heaven! I can not handle any more of this week. It has been insane, which also explains my lack of blogging this week. Apologies, friends. Apologies.

Headaches: Likely inspired by this week, the noggin’ is pounding in my ears. 8 ibuprofen have not helped. I am flipping TIRED!

Breaking Dawn: I have to get some reading done this weekend. I am putting it off and putting it off—mostly because this week has been insane. Also because I have spent most nights out with friends and reading wasn’t exactly on top of the priority list.

Contacts: My eyes are dying today, due to 9 days of 24 hour contact wearing. I had to literally peel the thing out of my eye this morning. Glasses on the face today. The eyes are a little sore.

Painting: I really want to paint my bedroom furniture. It just seems like so much work. Arg.

Death: If my coworker Andy doesn’t quit telling me to go kill myself, or threaten to kill me, I will probably have to turn him in soon. He scares the hell out of me. In fact, he just said, “If you write that, I will kill you.” Please help.

Pizza: Fun day Friday at the office. Pizza and breadsticks, here we come.

Chicken Nuggets: Drunkenly after my softball game last night, roommate and I went to Wendy’s and ordered an insane amount of chicken nuggets. So insane, I am too humiliated to even write the number.

My office: I already share, and we recently hired another person who will be in here, too. I’m curious how having three people in a space the size of my bedroom is going to work out. The newbie seems pretty cool, so I have high hopes.

The weekend: Beer guzzling at the state fair on the party bus tonight, or hanging out with little Emerson. I’m struggling with the decision.

Matt Nathanson: I love him. Pretty the World is my current favorite song. My office mate is likely sick of it. Hopefully newbie has the same taste in music…

Posting: I need to post this blog so that my faithful readers (love you all) do not think I have died.

Hopefully I will have something with a little more of a storyline, or something that has even the slightest point, over the weekend. Enjoy!