So much fair fun!

by jlolb

So, the fair was super fun!!! Sara, Kara and I went, and met up wtih Ali, Lincoln and Tucker, as well as several other people from work along the way! Here are some pics!

Cute baby donkey
White trashiest person at the fair award goes to : that guy!
Me and the love of my life, little Tucker! (Don’t mind me…looking gross)
Me and Kara rocking out!
Jamie and Kara as Corn dogs and turkey legs
Sara and Jamie by a big bull
Kara with her chickens
That, my friends, is a 3000 pound cow
And that, my friends, is a 1200 pound pig with an enormously large scrotum

All in all, the fair was a success! Great time with great friends! Also, the food and the beer weren’t too bad either! No one rode the big slide with me, though. Jerks. I highly recommend gnawing on a turkey leg in an extremely carnivorous manner whilst holding a large beverage in the other hand! Enjoy the pics! ๐Ÿ™‚