by jlolb

The Big Apple and I had a blast! And of course so did Best and I!

The trip got off to a really rocky start. I got into Milwaukee for a three hour layover just before 11. My flight was at 2. Then it got pushed back to 3. And then 4. And then it got cancelled. After having done my fair share of traveling, I have learned that you sit close to the counter before boarding flights for reasons such as this—flight is cancelled and you are the first one in line waiting for a new ticket…well, I was second. And I got the last seat on the 7pm flight. That got pushed back to 9:08. People. I was in Milwaukee for over. Ten. Hours. Ten. Hours. Seriously. In a big great airport, this is a long wait. In Milwaukee it was nearly unbearable. I drank myself into a coma, and then when I was out of money, sobered up, read my book until I couldn’t handle it and went back to drinking. This being said, I didn’t get into Newark until 12:45 and it was nearly 2am before my cabbie found Best’s apartment. Ugh. Exhausting.

The rest of the weekend, however, went off without a hitch! So fun! We saw pretty much everything I wanted to. The statue of liberty was gorgeous at sunset. We walked along Wall Street and had lunch at a great burger joint. We went out to this bar called Forum where the drinks were expensive but the entertainment was great! This was also where Best and I got caught talking smack in the bathroom about this girl who was obnoxiously trying to get on Friend #2. Best and I got our nails painted and drank wine on the balcony. We smoked cigarettes (don’t tell our parents!

We smoke sometimes when we get together, because that’s what we did in HS! ). Me, Best, and Best’s Boyfriend shared a bed, since his friends were in town too—and sharing the couch bed. They were very nice, funny guys, but not quite my type. I’m looking for Geof from Ace of Cakes—and he’s a rare breed. Best named the weekend “Operation Get Some” but that operation failed completely…and I was okay with that! J We sat on the sidewalk in Little Italy drinking wine and stuffing our faces with bread. We convinced a cabbie to squeeze 5 of us in his cab to take us home from the bar. We ate pizza at 3:30 in the morning. We rode the Staten Island Ferry. And wandered Battery Park City (awesome!). We wandered Soho, and we found a great little cupcake shop. Ahhh. I loved it.

We saw Hairspray (pretty funny!!) on Sunday afternoon and wandered Central Park before returning home to cook some dinner and drink on the 14th floor. We saw Brooke Shields, and I ran past her, whipped back around and looked to make sure—she laughed at me. But it was her. And her kids. And her bodyguards.

It was a great weekend. The energy of NYC is so different than what I am used to day in and day out. It was a great trip and a great time to catch up with Best—I miss her so! I’m including some pictures for your perusal! I’ll be telling more in depth stories as the week progresses, but there is so much to talk about!! I thought we would start with a Tuesday overview and let the week proceed from here!
My wine glass and Little Italy

Statue of Liberty at Sunset from the Staten Island Ferry

Me, walking home barefoot from the bar because those shoes hurt my feet!

Me and Best standing along the Hudson River after brunch on Sunday

Manhattan at night–the view from Best’s building’s balcony