by jlolb

Vacation schmakation. The thing about vacation that sucks is that you can’t go on vacation and come back to work and actually feel like you’ve been on vacation. I feel like I am totally swimming today at work and no matter what I do, the stacks keep getting higher and higher and higher–anyone want to sign 2,000 letters for me? Blue ink, please, not black. And I don’t give a S%^$ if your wrist hurts–just do it.

And, on top of that, how about miss Lolo Jones? What a bummer. She’s a DM native, as is Shawn Johnson, so as an Iowan, and an American, I feel terrible that her stupid knee robbed her of the gold. If only it would have whipped itself up a little bit earlier. And watching her afterwards? Ummm, heartbreaking. Poor thing. I was amazed she held it together for the interview as she did.

This week is slipping away from me. I have so much laundry to do–clothes to wash from the trip, sheets to wash before the family comes in to town this weekend–you know, a whole list of shit that I have no time to do. Sigh. I suppose mom and sis might just have to deal with mascara stained pillow cases (I have GOT to do a better job of washing my face before bed).

I ate too much at lunch (but french fries with buffalo sauce are, in my opinion, irresistable). And I feel like I haven’t really spoken to my friends since I got home aside from minor chit-chat. But, tonight, there will be wine drunk with my dear friend Kara, tomorrow I have my softball tournament (ya!), and on Friday, we have a “company” gathering at the big, big boss’s house. Which also means I have to juggle family and work/fun–but I think if I leave mom and sis at my place, they can sort through her things and figure out what else they need to do before we move her into her dorm on Saturday morning. Yay for the kid going to college!

Phew. I need a nap. And it’s not nearly over.