A bunch of randomness follows…

by jlolb

Finally, the insanity is over. Work is done for the weekend, sister is moved in to college, the chaos has subsided. At least momentarily. At this point, I am so tired that I can barely type…but here I am.

And I miss college. Moving the kid in this weekend made me realize that in an absolute way. I miss the excitement of the new year–the energy that is automatically felt every time you enter the dorms. The joy I used to find in purchasing pens and pencils, and the smell of fresh paper. Mentally putting together the outfit you were going to wear on your first night back on campus. Flipping through your new textbooks both excited and agonized over the material. Ahh. Stupid college, why must I miss you so?

I went to Walmart and bought new pens. I feel a bit better.

This afternoon I finished Breaking Dawn–the 4th book in the Twilight series, and let me just tell you, it’s far different from the first three books. I won’t include any spoilers as I know people who are still reading or haven’t started yet. But, in very distinct contrast to the rest of her books, I am at a loss. Stephanie, you ripped my heart out and stomped on it. Why did you do that? Did your editors force you to write this one too quickly? What gives?

Oh, and on another note, all you gals who love sappy, depressing music as much as I do, you must listen to the following song–Bring Me to You by Joshua Radin…I’ve included the YouTube so you have no excuse.

Must go and enjoy the remaining blissful hours of Sunday. See you tomorrow.