by jlolb

This morning, I woke up, wandered around the house, and the decided I need to go to get some pictures printed off and get a cd burned so I could create my latest blog. Pictures, dear friends, are essential to the idea.

So I drag myself to the car and through the parking lot, into the store, find the photo kiosk, sit on the stool and attempt to figure out which of the 11 slots my memory card fits into. First one is too small, and then I place it into the second one, and all of the sudden it’s gone. I hear it clink around somewhere. Clearly slot number 2 is far too large.


So I go find the guy that works there, and he has to page another guy to help. Guy number two surprises me. I am surprised this establishment lets someone so crazy handle any of their keys. He and guy number one have to look through nearly 600 keys to figure out what they are going to do.

Guy number two comes up to me and says, “Well, you know, if all else fails, I’ll just do what I used to do in high school.”

Me: *very blank stare*

Guy number two: “Yeah, you know, when I was younger I used to pick locks all the time.”

Me: *unimpressed* “huh.”

Guy number two then proceeds to find some safety pins, and I shit you not, has both of these safety pins jimmying around inside this lock trying to get it open, and he thinks he’s totally bad-ass for doing so. What the hell?

Finally, guy number one finds the right key and they end up having to tear this machine apart–there are seriously pieces everywhere.

I get my memory card back–celebration! Ya! I can get on wtih my day! Not.

The irony is it wasn’t even the right memory card…

And I refuse to go back to said establishment today, so you are going to have to wait until at least tomorrow for the actual post that was intended for today….Happy Long Weekend!