Down, girl, down!

by jlolb

I think Sarah Palin is a scary woman. I don’t really think we need to get into political arguments here on the blog front so I am going to keep my issue commentary to a minimum—lets just say, she and I agree on absolutely nothing. Nothing. Honestly, I am afraid of the influence she could have–and I think she’s crazy.
Someone referenced her as the long lost sister of Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter—I would agree! Honestly, did you watch her speech at the RNC? I hate dirty politics (what I say on my blog… not politics—I’ll rip all I want! :)), and that was what her entire speech was—what did she say…something along the lines of “the opposition said they can’t stand McCain—the truth is, they can’t stand up to McCain.” Really? Honestly? And then, trying to strike the fear of whatever deity you may believe in into all of those in attendance? Yikes. Her audience was hooting and hollering like people on that scary movie “Jesus Camp.” McChange? Seriously. Give it up people. And if you think McChange is going to work, you should probably think again…although you might get the votes of the loyal McDonalds patrons.

I feel like John McCain thought that he was going to get a VP to steal the Hillary following—a wise strategy, indeed. He should probably have picked someone a little less intensely right wing . Yikes, McCain, yikes. He’s nearly 105 years old—if he gets in office (which I find unlikely) I will either move to Canada or think about killing myself….but back to the point—if he gets in, and dies from old age (which we have to consider–I mean honestly), we are stuck with her. And that fear, my friends, is why liberals all over the world are taking Xanax in record doses.
As David Letterman said, she should probably have gone into a career which would have suited her better—as a model at Lenscrafters.
She kinda looks like Tina Fey, too, huh? Poor Tina Fey.
(*I hope her kids don’t read this. I would feel really badly.)
Let the debates begin… 🙂