Are you ready…

by jlolb

for some football?

It feels like fall in Iowa–sleeping with the windows open and sweatpants on is perfect. The mornings are filled with a crisp, cool dampness, and the evenings cool off quickly. This weather automatically makes me think of two things: travel season, and football.

I’ll be honest in saying that I am not the most avid football fan. In fact, I rarely watched it ever until my sister got married and her husband made me. I actually enjoy watching now–as long as someone tells me what the hell is going on which team we are supposed to be rooting for.

Anyway, today marks the first football game at my beloved alma mater. It’s the perfect day for the first game–the sun is shining, the air is still and the temperature is just right–perfect for jeans and long-sleeved tees. The team has a brand new coaching staff and a whole new group of kids playing the game this fall, and I am so excited to see how it works out! I don’t know plays. I know what the quarterback and the kicker do–everyone else just kindof blends together to me and if people start talking about like, linemen and stuff, I get really confused. I don’t know what coaches do what, and I don’t care! I know enough to tell who is doing well, and ultimately, who wins (which, of course, will be us!!! *knocks on wood* )!!

Enjoy the weekend!!! Happy fall.