Airport, oh airport.

by jlolb

Here I sit in the DSM International Airport. I am Phoenix bound. I have a two hour layover in Dallas. My flight was just delayed about a half an hour. The thing is, there is a hurricane in Texas, and by 3pm they are supposed to be experiencing squalls in Dallas. My flight out of Dallas is supposed to be at 4:15. In the middle.of.a.squall. What the heck is a squall, anyway?? What do you suppose the odds of me actually getting to Dallas/Phoenix today are? Yeah, I thought so, too. This could be a long day. I hope very much that someone is going to be available to come and pick me up when all the flights are cancelled. Barf.

On another note, I still love airports. Especially with a computer. People watching is fun. There are some interesting characters in the world. And I love to see the dynamics between couples when travel plans go awry. All flights to Chicago just got postponed by like 2-3 hours. This woman just totally bit her husbands head off while they are standing in line for a gate agent to change their itinerary. As if he could change the torrential downpours they are experiencing in the windy city…

I did buy a new book this morning, though. My Sister’s Keeper–Jodi Picoult. I’ve heard excellent reviews. I decided to give it a try…turns out I might have lots of time to read it. I’m sitting close to the counter. That’s my typical modus operandi…which is because I am honestly always delayed/cancelled. She who sits closest to the counter has the best chance of hopping on another plane. Seriously. This happens to me all.the.time.

Thank god for Xanax.