Phoenix, oh Phoenix

by jlolb

I’m debating getting showered and going shopping or heading straight back into bed. Phoenix is great. I made it here safe and sound–a bit more turbulence than usual, and about an hour behind schedule, but I was just glad to get here!! The scenery is a cool change from lush Iowa…it’s definitely brown here. But hey, how often do you get to do your work while laying by the pool as a lizard scurries around next to you? I got a little too much sun yesterday, so the pool is out for today. It’s off to Tucson tonight!

When I got in on Saturday, I got like the last car in the Enterprise lot. It was a really ugly car. I get excited about rental cars. I think it’s fun to drive different cars that don’t actually belong to you–it’s like a really long test drive. Am I the only one who feels this way?? Anyway, I was very depressed when they told me that was the one. I looked at Mr. Enterprise in disbelief. He said, well, I do have a Ford F150 you could drive if you want that instead? Yeah right. As if this girl is going to be gallivanting around Phoenix in a big ole’ Ford? So I took the really ugly Kia. It was like a midget mini-van. Thankfully, the alignment was off or something because the darned thing shook like crazy going down the interstate. I took it back the next morning and graciously accepted a brand new Saturn Aura–it’s MUCH better.

So, My Sister’s Keeper is incredibly sad. But I thought it was a good book (you can borrow it when I get home, Bethy!). I loved the writing. I went to Barnes and Noble on Sunday after I finished it to by another Picoult book. I mean, I suppose it makes sense to read the most depressing books possible in a place where the sun is always shining! Thus, I purchased Nineteen Minutes–anyone? Anyone?? I’m not quite half way done with it…but I’m not liking it quite as much as I liked the other one…at least not yet!

On another note–the Hills is on. Spencer Pratt. Ewe. Enough said.