by jlolb

Howdy from the Windy City! It wasn’t really all that windy here today, in fact, it was quite nice–sunny, and warm! I know you were all concerned, so I wanted to let you know that I did get a new suitcase–one with normal wheels. Lets just hope that it lasts this time! 🙂

As I drove into Chicago today (in a really ugly PT Cruiser–I’m sorry if any of you drive one, but it is SO not the car for me) I was faced with some serious serious road construction. It was intense. When I mistook an exit for a toll lane, I was off the interstate in a flash. No biggie, right? Just drive right back on? WRONG! Due to all this construction, I was forced to drive myself all over some random suburb of Chicago to try to get back onto the interstate. It was a tense 15 minutes, to say the least.

Anyway, I finally got in to the city and found my hotel. It was like the second time my Mapquest directions haven’t effed me and left me scrambling for the right roads. I need a GPS. Here’s the thing, though, my friend Tiff told me to be aware of the toll situation. Thus, I had plenty of cash on me. I went to my event tonight, and realized that you seriously have a toll like every two minutes. I think that mapquest and the city of Chicago have teamed up to make some serious money. Mapquest strings you through the most ridiculous amount of tolls and zig zags you through this city in an attempt to get you where you need to go via the longest route possible and make the most money. I bet Mapquest gets like 10% for effing with poor people like me who don’t know the best way around the city. How else do you explain the 157 tolls I went through today?

Here’s the other problem–I told you I had plenty of cash. And I did….I did NOT have plenty of change. Once you get in here, the tolls don’t have people working them and you are to use exact change. Yeah, um, this girl doesn’t carry much change. So, I don’t really know where I was but I just chucked the last of my change at the machine, and drove through. I am fairly sure I have skipped out on a few tolls today. I didn’t have any money! So, I will probably be arrested by the IL DOT by the time the week is up. (Not really, I can pay for the ones I missed on line–with a credit card–not with dimes.)

This girl’s gotta get some sleep. It’s gonna be an early morning and a ton of driving tomorrow.