by jlolb

This weekend I have indulged in tons of girl stuff. Painting my nails, having girly drinks, trying different things with the makeup, switching up the usual outfits, shopping and spending money I shouldn’t be–just fun, girl weekend stuff. But, the one thing I did more than anything this weekend was take in a few great chick flicks!

Friday night after a post-work drink with a couple of my favorite ladies, Beth and I went to see Nights in Rodanthe. I thought it was terribly depressing–I mean, like your most emotional chick flick movie ever. But, Richard Gere is hot in it, and so is Diane Lane, and they are hot together. Plus, my favorite SVU detective Elliot Stabler makes an appearance, and I am all about that hottie. So, if you want to get your heart ripped out by the most ridiculously romantic and incredibly depressing love story, check it.

Then, yesterday afternoon, Danielle and I decided that we needed to have a Sex and the City day. She bought the movie so we lounged around and watched that–acting just as surprised and entertained as we had the first time we had seen it. That movie is freaking great, and I imagine most of you have seen it. I have lots and lots of love for that movie. And I just acquired the soundtrack yesterday (thanks Danielle!) and it’s pretty good, too. I think I am definitely a Miranda. What about you?

Last night, Lucy got back to her and Danielle’s place after work, and we decided to get off the living room floor and actually take ourselves to a movie rather than bust into the DVDs of our favorite gals. We decided on the Women. And I thought it was hilarious. I didn’t know the story line, and haven’t seen the older version of the movie, so I had no expectations. It was so cool though, to see a movie done with only women. Every single character in this flick is a woman (with one minor exception). It was really cool. I thought it was quite funny, and I think Meg Ryan is adorable.

So, it was a pretty relaxing weekend, filled with some of my favorite characters, good movies, and my so lovely friends–love it!