Chicago bound…again

by jlolb

I know it has been a full week since I last posted–that’s pretty much uncalled for in the blogosphere, I know. Now, I am going to have to bust out my usual excuse–I have been busy! I was in Minneapolis for a few days and then back and then working and then packing and then finding a rental car and then going on a date or two and then packing and then sleeping and then heading this way–to my sister’s, where I am staying the night on my way to Chicago tomorrow. I decided I should come over early to hang out with my sis, BIL and Em. Haven’t seen them in a while.

The roommate and I had a bunch of work people over on Friday night after work. It was a pretty decent time! Our favorite thing to do is get drunk and play catchphrase. Anyway, there was lots of food, too much drinking, and too little sleep. We all had to be at work for an event at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Yikes. I was freakin’ tired last night.

Anyway, “he” took me on a motorcycle ride. Which was an interesting first time hanging out. You can’t get around the awkward first, like, touching a person when you actually have to hang on for dear life. Then we went to dinner. And last night we went to dinner again, and a movie. He’s cute. But I’m not getting the hopes up–who knows what will happen.

I hate my sister. While I was out with him, she was witnessing miracles. Miracles by the name of Kathy Griffin. And her life. On the D List. That bitch. She went to see my idol and didn’t even bother to get me a ticket. Hatred burns deep in this veins. I would never do such a thing to her. Anyway, she says she was wonderful. As if there was any question. I’ll be resentful and bitter until the day I die, very likely.

Alright, I gotta get a drink.

I’ll write you all from Chicago. I hope you’re still reading considering I took a ridiculously long hiatus. Love you all.

Oh, and Amanda, I am driving a Dodge Avenger this week–it’s fast.