Am I being irrational?

by jlolb

Would any of you continue to date a guy who takes you out on Saturday night, and then on Sunday night writes about loving slash missing slash being incomplete w/o his ex gf and then posts it online for the entire world to see ?

I feel like that is a huge neon sign that says ‘not ready for a new relationship,’ but maybe I am being dramatic. Thoughts please…

***Kyla reminded me of an interesting point. I did ask him about it and immediately he was defensive and mad telling me he is not completely over her but did not know if he would get back w/ her if she asked. He thought I was ridiculous for caring about it. At dinner Saturday he also made clear that he never actually wanted to break up with her. The message he wrote all in all was very raw–its obvious he still cares for slash loves her and I don’t know if that’s something I risk messing around with.

I am all for giving things a chance in most cases but this seems like I could be setting myself and my small little heart up for disaster…??