by jlolb

My day today, it was just that. Lovely.

I spent several hours meandering the streets of downtown Chicago. I popped my head into a bunch of stores and perused the shelves. I saw a couple gals with bags from H&M and so popped out the blackberry to figure out where this store was. (I must say, investing in a blackberry was a wise, wise move.) I found H&M and Urban Outfitters, etc. It was at H&M that I found happiness. In a dress. A lovely dress. A black dress. With wonderful polka dots. And a great neckline. A dress that I cannot find a picture of online to show you the wonderful-ness of. Alas.

Downtown is wonderful. Bayjb, I found your lion from your picture. I knew I had seen it somewhere, and then, it clicked! I wandered through Millenium Park, and scooped through the Bean–it made me dizzy, a little.

After getting out of town, I hopped on the 88 and at the toll-booth, I was met with another lovely moment. I know, interesting setting, right? A very cute boy, surprisingly, was working the booth. He had dark skin and dark hair and dark eyes. Yum. Anyway, after I ask for my reciept, he asks me, “what color are your eyes, naturally?” To which I respond, “these are them!” to which he gives me the “ok” sign with his hand, and says, “they are beautiful.” So are you, toll booth boy, so are you. If there wasn’t a line of cars behind me, I would so stay and chat with you. Kiss kiss.

Then, I made my way to the Yorktown shopping center and decided it was time for a new ‘do. I stopped at a random salon, and they had time for me. Lovely. A funky chick came out of the back room to cut my hair–I knew it was going to be good. And it is. I hacked it off, and I love love love it. I don’t know how much–maybe 4 inches off the back? Needless to say, I am in hair lust. I might have to make regular trips back to this city to visit Melissa.

Finally, I took the advice of one of my coworkers and grabbed some food at Portillos. He told me to get the Italian beef with hot peppers–it was freaking amazing. Seriously, so good. After a quick trip to Target to grab some tights–for the new dress–I found my way back to the lovely hotel I am a resident of this week.

Now, must get work done!!! 🙂

P.S. Thanks for your advice yesterday. You gals are awesome.