I believe, too!!

by jlolb

My friend Sara Jane inspired me (and others) to write “I Believe” blogs after we all read hers–it was brilliant. Here’s mine.

I Believe…

that we come to our greatest conclusions in the hours we spend considering only our thoughts–with ourselves, when we listen to our hearts, not our crazed minds.

it’s hard for people to change, but, of course, it is possible.

You and I, we should be done. What does it mean that it seems it’s never actually “done”? Can our hearts even bear to handle it again?

a hot tub and a large glass of red are the perfect end to any day.

in the neccesity and beauty of friendship, and the power of it. My people rock.

in finding joy in what you do, and, just as importantly, the people you work with.

in my convictions. My character is such that I will not apologize for something I know I did not start.

I am worth it. And I’m not going to settle.

my little niece Emerson can put a smile on my face anytime–even when she’s a grouch.

in dresses.

and fingernail polish.

in love stories.

that one of these candidates will fix this brilliant mess.

in never expecting from others that which you would not do yourself.

in the healing power of travel–exploring new cities.

in the delight of a good night’s sleep in your own bed.

in music.

in blogging.