Love, Love, Love

by jlolb

I love kind of a lot of things today. More things than normal.

I love that it’s raining. It’s so fall. And it’s kinda cold outside–perfect scarf weather. The leaves are gorgeous–red and orange and yellow. I love fall.

I love that Gail has been making tea every day for everyone at work. Again, one of those things that makes me think fall.

I love my new herringbone tights. And I love that when I busted them open this morning, I found out that I actually got two pair, not just one. That was exciting. I love that I am wearing them with my new dress, which I also love. I don’t know–something about dresses and tights just really make me happy.

I love this song by OAR, and you will too.

I love that I got to talk to Emerson this morning before I even got out of bed. She’s smart, people. She counts and talks and is just awesome, especially for someone so little. Oh, I got to talk to Autumn, too. Subsequently, I was late for work, but I think it was worth it.

I love the Diet Coke I just found realizing I left in the fridge weeks ago.

I love that I am back off to Chi-town tomorrow…I gotta get an oil change–I’m actually taking Eugene (my car–he’s quirky and kinda nerdy–a lot like me) this time!

And, of course, dear bloggy friends, I love you.