My life is crazy.

by jlolb

I remember once, as a youngin‘, walking through the airport with my older sister and looking at a man in a business suit with his briefcase waiting for his plane. I remember saying to her, I want that guys job when I grow up. Because I thought the travel seemed terribly exciting, and interesting–something fun, and new.

Well, friends, I got the travel part. And typically, I do love it, but as I enter what is like the 7th straight week of travel, I am feeling tired. I’ve been ill, and the pace is hitting me hard! Last weekend, I was in Minneapolis, I was home for a few days, and then out to Chicago. Got home yesterday. Today, I blog to you all as an office drone from the confines of this windowless office as I pack and re-pack to fly out to Chi-town yet again tomorrow. I spend about 8 days out between Chicago and Milwaukee, and then, next Monday, come home again. I think I am home most of that week, back in IL the week after that, and then the week after that it sounds like I am heading back to Phoenix for several days. Phew. Overall, though, it’s really fun to get to explore all of these new places–to find new stores, restaurants, and figure out what highways connect to which interstate and where. I do, I must say, have a pretty sweet job.

And I know that tomorrow, as soon as I land in that windy city, all of my negative energy will disappear as I will be back at it again and cruising through the city in a *hopefully* sweet rental.
I really hope I have enough change for the tolls this time. I’m serious–they are going to arrest me sometime soon. And, E, I will definitely be trying out the restaurant you recommended this week.

To prepare for a long week, I am going to be heading home after I get finished up here and snuggling up on my couch with lots of blankets (we have yet to turn on the heat), a bottle of wine, lots of food, and a couple good movies. Ahhh, the perfect afternoon on a brisk fall day. I am hoping that while I am gone my lovely colleagues will finish off this pumpkin full of chocolate that I have sitting on my desk. I certainly don’t need it. And yes, this means you, too, oh pregnant one with high blood sugar–how much can that baby gain in his last two weeks in utero? 🙂

Ok, don’t let me forget to blog about the other gender sometime soon–I have a situation I need to confront and I’m too freakin‘ chicken to do it! Enjoy the Saturday lovelies! xo